Does Where You Work Look This Good? Bell Works Tenants Capture Their Workplace in Photos

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During the day of Bell Labs, cameras weren’t allowed in the building, but today, its mid century lines, angles and shadows make it a unique destination, not just for work, shopping or dining, but for photography.

The quality of the natural light here and the endless angles to shoot attract creatives from all around the globe, and from the offices right upstairs, each bringing their own meaning and perspective to their photos.

Did you know that Bell Works has played host to Tim McGraw, Elle Magazine, Cadillac and Zara? Those are just a few of the creatives and brands that have used our space as a backdrop for their videos, editorial spreads and commercials. See more of how Bell Works looks through a photographer’s eyes here. But what we love the most is the seeing the metroburb through the lenses of the people who work and play here everyday.

To inspire area residents and tenants of the metroburb community, this fall Bell Works hosted a photo contest on Instagram to challenge everyday photographers to capture the metroburb from their own perspective. The contest ran for a month, during the scenic months of September and October.

Here are some beautifully captured shots from Bell Works admirers.

FullSizeRender-12Photo By: @theflyguysphotography

FullSizeRender-10Photo By: @olliej317

FullSizeRender-9Photo By: @hemaguptapaintings

FullSizeRender-8Photo By: @workwave

FullSizeRender-7Photo By: @icims_inc

FullSizeRender-5Photo By: @welearntopersevere

FullSizeRender-11Photo By: @true.connect

FullSizeRender-1Photo By: @jeffcruz012

FullSizeRender-6Photo By: @beckythetechie

FullSizeRender-2-2Photo By: @ginamz831

Have a great Bell Works photo you’d like to share with us? Tag us on Instagram @bellworks #mybellworks. 

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